WHAT IS Enviromental Design Studio?
Mike Behrndt is a Registered Landscape Architect with over 21 years experience as a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. State of Florida LIC. #LA6666796
OUR Philosophy
Collaboration produces the most innovative and creative landscape designs, for a strong yet seamless connection between architecture and environment.
It is this design philosophy that has made us successful—but it is our ability to exceed the client’s expectations that has made Our projects successful.
Our core values
Responsibility to the client is the cornerstones of this company. Environmental Design Studio believes in access to the head of the company throughout every phase of the design process. We believe in top-to-top communication that seemlessly involves collaboration of Homeowner, Landscape Architect and every other member of the design team.
Budgets are the leading areas of concern on most projects. EDS fully understands this concern and promises to communicate in advance the budget ramifications involved throughout your design process. Major cost changes can impact decision making— We will work hard in communicating any and all decisions that impact your bottom line.
Environment is a reflection of your lifestyle surroundings. It announces your personality, your status and your interests. It is the first impression you give when entertaining friends, family and collegues before saying a word. A licensed landscape architect can design an environment that reflects YOU and your lifestyle. It takes years of experience to understand the delicate balance between architecture, art and nature and use them effectively to create a unique, but personalized outdoor living space.
Design is a reflection of the client's dreams and desires, reinterpreted through the Landscape Architect's creative ability, to bring life and utility in a unique yet individualized approach for each landscape project.
we love what we do
Allow us to work for YOU